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Tzach SegalBlogs
boat insurance, boating, Business Develop, Insurance Agents, Insurtech

The Business of Business Development

Tzach Segal - Ahoy! VP Business Development

The sea is a powerful master. It teaches patience, perseverance and timing. If you underestimate any of these elements, the sea will always win. In the world of business development, I’m constantly reminded I need to balance my instinct to push hard, full throttle open, to promote a great product - insurance for boaters, by boaters - with the patience and grit required to develop strategic relationships over time. And at the right time. 

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Capt. Nitzan LevyBlogs
boat insurance, boating, Fisherman, fishing

We’ve Got You Covered – Boaters’ Peace of Mind Is Our Business

Capt. Nitzan Levy - Marketing

Many people ask me what sets Ahoy! apart from traditional insurers. Well, for one thing, we are boaters. There is…

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Mark HorneBlogs
boat insurance, boating, Fisherman, fishing

The Fisherman’s Angle – From The Desk of an Ahoy! Agent and Fisherman

Mark Horne - First Mate - Concierge Service

I grew up fishing with my family in Florida. My Dad and uncles loved bass fishing competitions, catfishing, ocean fishing,…

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Rani Bar HamaBlogs
boat insurance, boating, Digital Product, Insurtech, UX

When “Less” Is “More” – Creating the Best UX In A Digital Product

Rani Bar Hama - VP Product

My job is to create a great user experience for our product, which is digital recreational boating insurance. Wait, are…

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Evan SiderisBlogs
boat insurance, boating

Building a Safer and More Equitable Future for Recreational Boaters

Evan Sideris, Underwriting Director

Growing up in the 1980s when baseball cards, space camp and video games dominated the conversation among my peers, I…

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Vivian Serfaty VP Strategy and Operations in Ahoy!Blogs
boat insurance, boating

Innovation, Impact and Intellect: What’s So Exciting About Insurtech?

Vivian Serfaty, VP Strategy and Operations

Not everyone wakes up in the morning psyched about insurtech. So what makes me really excited to be working in…

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Ahoy! InsuranceBlogs
boat insurance, boating, sailing

The Skipper, the Engineer, and Me: Creating the Best User Experience

Shachar Segev, VP Engineering

What do a skipper, an engineer, and me all have in common? Well, for one thing, we are all one…

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Ahoy! insruanceBlogs
boat insurance, boating, sailing

The Future of Developing Community-based Maritime Navigation Systems

Arie Abramovici, CTO

There are some surprising similarities between navigation systems for roads and waterways and a few striking differences. One thing both…

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blog post, boat insurance, boating, sailing

Ahoy to Ahoy! The Makings of a Boat Insurance Company

Amit Nisenbaum, CEO

Our Ahoy! Chief Insurance Officer, Kaenan, tells me the good news, and for a moment my world stops. "That's it,"…

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