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Can you hear it? The gentle lap of the waves against the hull of your cabin cruiser as you navigate through your favorite waterway.

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Now, getting a quote for your cabin cruiser’s insurance is quicker than ever, and you can motor around with even more serenity in your heart.

We are dedicated to making journeys safer for boat owners in general and cabin cruiser enthusiasts specifically, as they cruise through waves, glide past the scenic coastlines, and cruise through pristine lakes. If you have been dreaming about the perfect getaway on your cabin cruiser, we are here to ensure that dream sails smoothly. With insurance crafted for boaters by boaters, Ahoy! ensures that no matter where your cabin cruiser roams in the US, so you are well-protected.

Ahoy! Cabin Cruiser Insurance

Your cabin cruiser is your baby, and not only a well-loved member of your family, but, an expensive one with prices commonly between $100,000 to $500,000 and some much higher!

Ahoy! makes the process of getting insurance easier and makes your boating better with our Ahoy! App. Ahoy! even reduces your deductible through our app-based virtual self-inspection, and can even replace your phone if it is lost at sea!

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Benefits for Boaters

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For Boaters, by Boaters

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The Cozy Cabin

Inside, there is a neat little area with everything you need – beds to snooze in, a tiny kitchen to cook up some snacks, and a bathroom. It is like having a mini-apartment on the water!

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Just the Right Size:

These boats are usually between about 20 to 45 feet long. Some are smaller, some are bigger, but all are designed to be just right for a leisurely time at sea.

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Powerful and Smooth:

They have got either inboard or outboard motors, which means they are strong enough to take you farther and make your ride smooth and enjoyable.

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Home Comforts:

Think about having air conditioning, a heater, a water heater, and even fancy navigation systems on your boat. That is the kind of comfort we are talking about!

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Fun Times Ahead:

Whether you are thinking of a day trip, a night under the stars, or even catching some fish, a cabin cruiser is your go-to boat for fun and relaxation. From California to Maine, Cabin Cruisers are a popular way to travel the water!

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Styles for Everyone:

From classic to ultra-modern, cabin cruisers come in all sorts of designs and levels of luxury. There’s something for every taste.

In short, Cabin Cruisers are perfect for those who love the water but also enjoy the comforts of home. They strike a wonderful balance between being a cozy living space and a vessel for exploring the waters. Sounds like a dream, right?

What Insurance Options Does Ahoy! Offer for Cabin Cruisers?

As a company focused on providing boat insurance for recreational boaters, Cabin Cruisers are in our sweet spot. For boats with the following specifications Ahoy! proudly provides boat insurance coverage through our website

  • up to 50 feet – which if it existed, might be the largest Cabin Cruiser ever seen
  • up to 40 years of age and $500,000 value
  • up to 500HP per engine for a single or double engine boat, or up to combined 1050HP for triple engines (3 engines max)

We also insure boats over between 50 to 95 feet and/or between $500,000 and $2,500,000.

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For starting a quote for these please contact us
by phone (1-855-289-2469),
chat www.ahoy.insure, or e-mail [email protected]

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We provide a comprehensive suite of boater-tailored coverage including:



Imagine you are out on the water and accidentally cause damage to another boat, or worse, someone gets hurt. Liability insurance is there to protect you in such situations. It covers the costs of damage or injuries you are responsible for. While we all hope to never be in such a scenario, having liability insurance is a smart move. And helps keep your boating experience worry-free.


Comprehensive and Collision

Comprehensive coverage is really great for protecting your boat against things we can not control, like fires, theft, or even a bit of mischief. It is super handy, especially when your boat’s tucked away in storage and you can not keep an eye on it all the time. Also, if your boat ever bumps into something like another boat, a buoy, or even a dock, collision coverage has got your back.


Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters

Insurance for uninsured boaters is like a safety net on the water! Imagine this: you are out enjoying the waves when suddenly, another boat bumps into you. Turns out, they do not have enough insurance to cover the damage. That is where underinsured boater insurance comes in! It helps cover the costs for your boat’s repairs and any medical bills if needed. It is like having an extra layer of peace of mind, so you can focus on the fun part – sailing! Stay safe and secure out there on the big blue with underinsured boater insurance.



Boat insurance is not just about protecting your vessel; it is also about ensuring the safety of everyone on board. Medical coverage is a crucial component of a comprehensive boat insurance policy. It provides financial protection in case someone on your boat gets injured.


On-Water Towing

We will pay your on-water towing bill up to the limit you choose!


Fishing Equipment

Should your fishing items need to be replaced due to a boat accident or go missing rest assured, you’re covered. We will fully reimburse you for the replacement of these items, with a generous limit of up to $10,000.


Coverage Details in Boat Insurance Policies

Whats included in my boat insurance policy?

Boat insurance typically covers damage from collisions, fires, theft, lightning, or vandalism, whether on water or land. This includes the boat, its motor, and attached equipment like anchors. It also offers liability coverage for expenses from accidents involving your boat. This can include bodily injury liability, covering medical bills and related costs if someone gets hurt because of your actions, and property damage liability, for damages to others’ boats or property.

Importance of Insurance for All Boats

Is Insurance Necessary for Less Expensive Boats?

Regardless of your boat’s value, insurance is crucial due to the potential risks involved in boating, like accidents leading to injuries or property damage. Boat insurance can save you from paying these costs from your own pocket.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Boats

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat?

Typically, homeowners insurance offers limited coverage for small boats, but not for personal watercraft like jet-skis. The coverage is often restricted to around $1,000 or 10% of your home’s insured value and usually doesn’t include liability coverage.

Off-Season Boat Insurance Coverage for Boats

Should I Insure My Boat During the Off-Season?

ven when not in use, risks like theft or fire persist throughout the year. Keeping your boat insurance active in the off-season protects against these risks, saving you from potential out-of-pocket expenses for damage or theft during these months.

To learn more, visit Ahoy’s FAQ page



A Step by Step Guide to Cabin Cruiser Insurance with Ahoy!

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Step 1:

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Leveraging our seamless sign-up process, get the most modern-minded, tech-driven boating insurance policy out there in just under 10 minutes.

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Step 2:

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Now that you are an Ahoy! crew mate, download our mobile app, easily scan photos of your boat for lower claim deductibles and help in case of theft.

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Step 3:

Sail away!

Sail away into the horizon. Feel fully at peace knowing that our technology-powered mobile app is looking out for you.

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Step 4:

We are there for you

If there is an incident, we got your back. Our 24/7 First Mate is there for you every step of the way to help resolve any issues or if you need to file a claim.

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