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Our “compass” is
cutting-edge innovation

We tap into our hands-on boating experience, to develop
technology which keeps you safe, connected and informed.

Once you become a customer,
our powerful technology
is at your fingertips

Easily download our mobile
app, embedded with a rich
array of capabilities

Expect a welcome kit delivered
to your door containing,
amongst others, a boat recovery
assistance tag

Here are just a few of the ways our
digitally powered insurance enhances
your boating experience:

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Wherever you are, and whatever you do, sailing or at home/work, we follow the weather where your boat is, allow you to watch the weather forecast and send you alerts about imminent weather threats.

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This technology feature allows you to cruise with higher confidence while focusing on the things you would like to do on the water.

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The Ahoy! mobile app is able to accurately identify when your boat starts sailing and gets back ashore.

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This in turn enables us to provide you the innovative insurance protection feature of “phone overboard”.

Assuming that the Ahoy! mobile app was on (or running in the background) and we detected that your cell phone signal was lost when you were on the water boating (which probably meant your phone dropped into the water) we will cover part of the cost of a new phone.

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We plan to develop in the near future some other value added features such as providing you with a log-book of all your trips for your viewing pleasure.

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The accuracy and efficiency of the start/stop technology is critical, therefore our team has invested heavily to ensure accurate location (avoiding false positives such as identifying your auto drive on a bridge over water as a trip) and efficiency in terms of battery draw, while not tracking your exact location.

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One of our mobile app features is the ability to self-scan your boat. The app guides you through a very easy and smooth process of taking pictures of your boat.

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These pictures become your (boat’s) digital file so if, your boat gets stolen (say while being stored on a trailer by your home) then we can already provide this digital file to the authorities assisting with the search process.

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But we do not stop there. In addition to receiving the mobile app when becoming a customer you will also receive a tracking tag you can store safely and secretly in your boat.

In case of theft this tag could be of additional assistance in locating your boat.

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