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Imagine the sun rising over the horizon, your sailboat gliding gracefully through a late afternoon sun, gliding effortlessly to your preferred destination. Your sailboat is more than a vessel, it is your gateway to exploration and creating lifelong memories with family and friends. An essential part of your life journey. Just like you, we at Ahoy! share the same passion for sailing and are committed to ensuring smooth sailing with our high-quality sailboat insurance options. Quicker than a sail catching the wind, we will provide you with an insurance quote, so you can cruise through your favorite sailing spots with peace of mind.

At Ahoy! we’re on board with you, tailoring coverage that caters to the specific needs of every sailboat enthusiast. From the excitement of feeling the wind in your sails to the tranquility of cruising along the coast, Ahoy! and its tech-driven added value features sail with you, ensuring each voyage is as safe as a well-secured halyard. With us, you are expanding the safety net over all your sailboat adventures in the US. So, prepare, set sail, and navigate with confidence—Ahoy! is by your side every nautical mile.


Ahoy! Sailboat Insurance

Your Sailboat is more than just a vessel; it is a valued member of your sailing crew, a symbol of pride, and a significant investment. It’s not merely about boat ownership; it embodies a lifestyle as invaluable as the memories you make on the waves.

Ahoy! simplifies safeguarding your sailboat and enhances your sailing experience with our Ahoy! App. Ahoy! diminishes your deductible with our app-based virtual ‘Self-inspection’ feature and offers phone replacement should it be lost while sailing!

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What makes Sailboat insurance unique?

Insuring a sailboat involves unique considerations that set it apart from insuring other types of boats or watercraft. The design and construction of sailboats, including hull type and materials, play a significant role in determining insurance policies and premiums. Factors such as the  sailing area, and whether the sailboat is used for racing also influence the cost and terms of insurance. Additionally, sailboats are subject to specific risks like weather dependency and the need for specialized skills for navigation, which can affect insurance coverage. 

The cost of insuring a sailboat is influenced by various factors, including the boat’s value, owner experience, and intended use. Classic sailboats have their own set of considerations for insurance due to their distinct characteristics and usage patterns. Moreover, insurance for sailboats may include additional considerations for oceanic voyages, highlighting the importance of securing a policy that adequately protects against the increased risks associated with such activities. 

What Insurance Options does Ahoy! Offer for Sailboats?

Ahoy! proudly provides boat insurance coverage for a wide range of boats. For boats with the following specifications we offer fully-digital policy quoting and binding process which eliminates the haggle and hustle of traditional insurance purchasing:

  • up to 50 feet – which if it existed, might be the largest Cabin Cruiser ever seen.
  • up to 40 years of age and $500,000 value
  • up to 500HP per engine for a single or double engine boat, or up to combined 1050HP for triple engines (3 engines max)

We also insure boats over between 50 to 95 feet and/or between $500,000 and $2,500,000.

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For starting a quote for these please contact us by phone (1-855-289-2469),
chat www.ahoy.insure, or e-mail [email protected]

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We offer an extensive range of insurance options tailored specifically for boaters, such as:


Liability Insurance:

Picture yourself on the water when an accident occurs, damaging another boat or, worse, causing harm to someone. Liability insurance steps in to shield you in these circumstances, covering the expenses for damages or injuries you may be accountable for. Although none of us wish to find ourselves in such a predicament, having liability insurance is a prudent decision that ensures a carefree boating experience.


Comprehensive and Collision:

Comprehensive insurance offers excellent protection for your boat against unforeseen events beyond our control, such as fires, theft, or even minor mishaps. It proves invaluable when your boat is in storage and you cannot monitor it continuously. Additionally, in case your boat collides with another vessel, a buoy, or a dock, collision coverage provides the necessary support.


Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters:

Insurance for boaters without sufficient coverage is akin to a safety cushion on the water! Picture this scenario: you are relishing the waves when unexpectedly, another boat collides with yours. As it turns out, they lack adequate insurance to compensate for the harm caused. This is where underinsured boater insurance steps in! It assists in covering expenses for your boat's repairs and any necessary medical bills. It provides an additional layer of peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on the enjoyable aspects of sailing! Cruise safely and confidently on the vast blue expanse with underinsured boater insurance.



Boat insurance serves beyond safeguarding your vessel; it extends to ensuring the safety of all onboard. Medical coverage stands as a vital element within a comprehensive boat insurance plan, offering financial security in case of injuries sustained by individuals on your boat.


On-Water Towing:

We will cover your water towing expenses up to the amount you specify!


Fishing Equipment:

f your sailing gear needs replacement due to a boat mishap or loss, do not worry, you are protected. We will cover the full cost of replacing these items, with a substantial limit of up to $10,000.

*We also provide Roadside Assistance, Boat Rental Reimbursement, and coverage for your personal belongings.

Sail Boat Insurance and worry-free boating with the Ahoy! Boat App

A sailboat insurance policy is designed to protect you during your sailing adventures, whether you are discovering new destinations, cruising familiar waters, mooring in picturesque harbors, or simply relishing a day at sea. Just as your sailboat needs insurance, the Ahoy! App is your reliable companion for your next nautical journey. Our app emphasizes safety and enhances the enjoyment of your sailing experiences!

Some of our mobile app features are:

Phone Replacement:

Introducing our exclusive ‘Phone Overboard Protection’ feature designed specifically for boaters. If your Ahoy! App is active and your phone accidentally goes overboard, we got you covered – we will replace your phone!

Get Alerted About Dangerous Weather Conditions!

Our weather and alerts feature ensures you stay informed about local weather conditions and receive timely warnings. This helps you stay safe and make informed decisions while sailing.

Self Inspection Feature Saves You Money!

Use our app effortlessly to conduct a ‘Self Inspection’ before setting sail on your boating adventure. By doing so, you can ensure safety and quality while enjoying a seamless experience. Plus, you will receive a $100 discount on your deductible! Our goal is to make your boating experience as smooth, secure, and rewarding as possible.

Boat Insurance FAQ

Coverage Details in Boat Insurance Policies

What is included in my boat insurance policy?

Boat insurance typically covers damage from collisions, fires, theft, lightning, or vandalism, whether on water or land. This includes the boat, its motor, and attached equipment like anchors. It also offers liability coverage for expenses from accidents involving your boat. This can include bodily injury liability, covering medical bills and related costs if someone gets hurt because of your actions, and property damage liability, for damages to others’ boats or property.

Is Insurance Necessary for Less Expensive Boats?

Regardless of your boat’s value, insurance is crucial due to the potential risks involved in boating, like accidents leading to injuries or property damage. Boat insurance can save you from paying these costs from your OWN pocket.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Boats

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat?

Typically, homeowners insurance offers limited coverage for small boats, but not for personal watercraft like jet-skis. The coverage is often restricted to around $1,000 or 10% of your home’s insured value and usually doesn’t include liability coverage.

Off-Season Boat Insurance Coverage for Boats

Should I Insure My Boat During the Off-Season?

Even when not in use, risks like theft or fire persist throughout the year. Keeping your boat insurance active in the off-season protects against these risks, saving you from potential out-of-pocket expenses for damage or theft during these months.

Understanding Boat Insurance Costs

What are the factors that determine the cost of boat insurance?

Boat insurance costs hinge on several key factors, including the boat’s type, size, age, and value, which affect the potential cost of repairs or replacement. The owner’s experience and history of claims can influence rates, too, as insurers gauge the risk level based on past incidents.

Policy choices play a part as well; comprehensive coverage costs more than basic liability, but opting for a higher deductible can reduce the premium. Additionally, safety courses or other qualifications may unlock discounts, demonstrating to insurers a lower risk of accidents.

To learn more, visit Ahoy’s FAQ page

A Step by Step Guide to Sailboat Insurance with Ahoy!

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Step 1:

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Leveraging our seamless sign-up process, get the most modern-minded, tech-driven boating insurance policy out there in just under 10 minutes.

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Step 2:

Download our app

Now that you are an Ahoy! crew mate, download our mobile app, easily scan photos of your boat for lower claim deductibles and help in case of theft.

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Step 3:

Sail away!

Sail away into the horizon. Feel fully at peace knowing that our technology-powered mobile app is looking out for you.

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Step 4:

We are there for you

If there’s an incident, we got your back. Our 24/7 First Mate is there for you every step of the way to help resolve any issues or if you need to file a claim.

We are fast!

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