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Your powerboat is much more than a means of transportation; its how you have fun on the water! Ahoy! insurance understands the thrill you seek and ensures your ventures are fully supported with top-tier coverage. We streamline the process to swiftly equip you with a tailored insurance plan, allowing you to explore your cherished destinations with confidence.

At Ahoy!, we see ourselves as allies in your journey of adrenaline and serenity alike. Our policies are meticulously designed to cater to the distinct preferences and requirements of power boat aficionados. Whether it’s the exhilaration of cutting through the waves at full speed or the tranquility of a leisurely sunset cruise, we are here to safeguard your voyages. Ahoy!’s comprehensive coverage spans the entirety of the US, so you can embark with ease, revel in the unmatched pleasure of power boating, and rest assured that Ahoy! stands guard over your maritime adventures.

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Owning a speedboat transforms every aquatic journey into an adventure, becoming a symbol of your passion and a significant part of your lifestyle. It’s not just about transportation; it’s about embracing a series of memorable experiences and the happiness that comes from being on the water. With Ahoy!, safeguarding your speedboat becomes a breeze, adding a touch of enjoyment to the process with our intuitive Ahoy! App. Our app is designed to offer financial benefits, such as reducing your insurance deductible through straightforward digital inspections. Plus, should your phone take an unexpected dive, we got your back with our replacement assistance.

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What makes power boat insurance unique?

Powerboat insurance is distinct due to the inherent risks and characteristics of operating these vessels. The speed and power of powerboats increase the likelihood of accidents, making liability coverage crucial for protecting against damages and injuries.

The value of the powerboat, including its age, make, and modifications, significantly influence insurance rates. High-performance models, in particular, face higher premiums due to their increased accident risk. Insurers also consider the boater’s experience, with seasoned operators often receiving more favorable rates. Coverage options for powerboats typically include protection against physical damage, theft, and environmental liabilities like fuel spills. Additionally, the cruising area plays a role in determining insurance costs, with oceanic voyages requiring more comprehensive coverage due to the higher risks involved.

Selecting the right insurance policy for a powerboat involves understanding these unique factors to ensure adequate protection against the wide range of potential risks on the water.

What Insurance Options Does Ahoy! Offer for Power Boats? 

Ahoy! proudly provides boat insurance coverage for a wide range of boats. For boats with the following specifications we offer fully-digital policy quoting and binding process which eliminates the haggle and hustle of traditional insurance purchasing:

  • up to 50 feet – which if it existed, might be the largest Cabin Cruiser ever seen.
  • up to 40 years of age and $500,000 value
  • up to 500HP per engine for a single or double engine boat, or up to combined 1050HP for triple engines (3 engines max)

We also insure boats over between 50 to 95 feet and/or between $500,000 and $2,500,000.

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For starting a quote for these please contact us
by phone (1-855-289-2469),
chat www.ahoy.insure, or e-mail [email protected]

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We provide a comprehensive suite of boater-tailored coverage including:


Liability Insurance:

Picture a perfect day out on the lake or sea, and suddenly, the unexpected happens, your boat is involved in an incident. That is when having liability coverage makes all the difference. It is there to take care of any costs from accidental damages or injuries you might cause, offering you the serenity to truly enjoy your time on the water without worry.



Think of comprehensive insurance as your boat's guardian, shielding you from unforeseen troubles like theft, fires, or other surprises. It's invaluable for those times when your boat is moored out of sight, providing reassurance. And for the small mishaps, like minor collisions, you're also protected, with coverage that looks after any repairs.


Coverage Against the Uninsured:

Imagine a scenario where another boat, not adequately insured, runs into yours. That is where having protection against uninsured boaters comes into play, ensuring you're not burdened with repair or medical expenses. It is an added layer of security that lets you cruise with ease.



Insurance for your boat goes beyond the physical vessel; it encompasses the well-being of everyone aboard. Should any injuries occur on your boat, medical coverage is there to assist with the expenses, ensuring a safe environment for everyone involved in your boating adventures.


On-Water Towing:

We will pay your on-water towing bill up to the limit you choose!


Fishing Equipment:

Should your fishing need to be replaced due to a boat accident or go missing rest assured, you are covered. We will fully reimburse you for the replacement of these items, with a generous limit of up to $10,000.

We also offer Roadside Assistance, Boat Rental Reimbursement, and coverage for your personal effects.

Power Boat Insurance and worry-free boating with the Ahoy! Boat App!

Your speedboat is perfect for exciting adventures at sea, from zipping to new locations, gliding along beloved routes, finding quiet spots to relax, or just enjoying the breeze and sunshine. Similarly, the Ahoy! app is like your reliable buddy for all your speedboating activities. It is not only there to help with insurance; it also focuses on keeping you safe and making sure your outings are full of fun!

Some of our mobile app features are:

Phone Replacement:

Our ‘Phone Overboard Protection’ feature – a unique feature tailored just for boaters. If your Ahoy! App is in use, and your phone goes overboard, we will replace your phone!

Get Alerted about the weather! 

Our weather and alerts function keeps you updated on weather conditions where you are and sends you early warnings.

Self Inspection saves you money!

Use the app to effortlessly conduct a ‘Self Inspection’ for your boat (post insurance purchase) using our app and enjoy a $100 discount on your deductible. It’s all about making your boating experience as smooth and secure as possible. 

Boat Insurance FAQ

Coverage Details in Boat Insurance Policies

What is included in my boat insurance policy?

Boat insurance typically covers damage from collisions, fires, theft, lightning, or vandalism, whether on water or land. This includes the boat, its motor, and attached equipment like anchors. It also offers liability coverage for expenses from accidents involving your boat. This can include bodily injury liability, covering medical bills and related costs if someone gets hurt because of your actions, and property damage liability, for damages to others’ boats or property.

Is Insurance Necessary for Less Expensive Boats?

Regardless of your boat’s value, insurance is crucial due to the potential risks involved in boating, like accidents leading to injuries or property damage. Boat insurance can save you from paying these costs from your OWN pocket.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Boats

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat?

Typically, homeowners insurance offers limited coverage for small boats, but not for personal watercraft like jet-skis. The coverage is often restricted to around $1,000 or 10% of your home’s insured value and usually doesn’t include liability coverage.

Off-Season Boat Insurance Coverage for Boats

Should I Insure My Boat During the Off-Season?

Even when not in use, risks like theft or fire persist throughout the year. Keeping your boat insurance active in the off-season protects against these risks, saving you from potential out-of-pocket expenses for damage or theft during these months.

Understanding Boat Insurance Costs

What are the factors that determine the cost of boat insurance?

Boat insurance costs hinge on several key factors, including the boat’s type, size, age, and value, which affect the potential cost of repairs or replacement. The owner’s experience and history of claims can influence rates, too, as insurers gauge the risk level based on past incidents.

Policy choices play a part as well; comprehensive coverage costs more than basic liability, but opting for a higher deductible can reduce the premium. Additionally, safety courses or other qualifications may unlock discounts, demonstrating to insurers a lower risk of accidents.

To learn more, visit Ahoy’s FAQ page

If there is an incident, we got your back. Our 24/7 First Mate is there for you every step of the way to help resolve any issues or if you need to file a claim.

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Sail away into the horizon. Feel fully at peace knowing that our technology-powered mobile app is looking out for you.

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Step 4:

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If there’s an incident, we got your back. Our 24/7 First Mate is there for you every step of the way to help resolve any issues or if you need to file a claim.

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