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Basic Boating Safety

Maritime Injury Center

Boating is a popular recreational activity. From sailing to powerboating to a relaxing fishing trip, getting on a boat is…

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boating, guide, Holding Tank, maintenance, Marine Head, sailing

Maintaining Your Marine Head and Holding Tanks

The Ahoy! Crew

When you are out on the water and you “gotta go” a marine plumbing system is a welcome sight aboard…

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bilge, boat interior, boat maintenance, clean bilge, guide

Guide to Keeping a Clean Bilge

The Ahoy! Crew

One way is to open all bilge spaces, get to know what is going on, and manage the inside of them.  Are they wet or dry?  Are they clean or dirty? 

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boatfestivals, boating, cruising, sailing

Five Festivals You Can Only Get to By Boat

The Ahoy! Crew

Imagine: pulling up on your boat to an island festival. The days are filled with celebration, dance, and food. Every…

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boating, Crew, Crew overboard, docking, guests on board, guide, head, instructions

Guests on Board: How To Instruct Your Inexperienced Boat Crew

The Ahoy! Crew

Sometimes people who haven’t spent much time on boats have strange ideas about what to bring on an excursion. Remind guests that anything is liable to fall in the water, so it’s best practice to bring hats and sunglasses with attached lanyards--and maybe leave your favorite accessories at home.

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Ahoy! speedboat maintenanceGuides
boating, guide, maintenance, sailing, speed boat, speedboat

A Guide to Speedboats Maintenance

The Ahoy! Crew

Boat owners are typically quite in tune with their boat and what is ‘normal’.  While underway, you can look, listen, and feel how things are running.  Back in port, any new information gathered will be important as you give time and attention to the everyday and routine aspects of maintenance. 

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Boat Safety, boating, certificate, guide, NASBLA, Safe Boating

What is a Safe Boating Certificate, How Do I Obtain One, and Do I Really Need It?

The Ahoy! Crew

A state-safe boating course will make you more calm and more confident on the water since your education will apply to your real-life nautical adventures.

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Ahoy BoatingGuides
boating, buying guide, guide, off season, safe boating course

A Guide for the Off-Season Boater

The Ahoy! Crew

Fortunately, you can fill that hole with a variety of activities that will turn the dreariness of the off-season into productivity and ultimately more adventure once you’re back on the water. Read ahead for nine activities to battle those no-boating blues. 

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boating, guide, maintenance, off-season

Guide to Winter Boat Maintenance

The Ahoy! Crew

Caring and Maintaining a boat through the winter is a great opportunity to hit the reset and take care of necessary boat projects that may be neglected during the peak of the boating season. 

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