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Ahoy! SpeedboatGuides
boating, guide, low maintenance, maintenance, sailing, speadboat, speed boat

Best Low-Maintenance Speedboats

The Ahoy! Crew

Simply put, the best low-maintenance speed boat is one that will be used.  Further, it must be said that part of that use includes the care and maintenance required of the boat one has. 

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Ahoy! Maintenance of a fishing boatGuides
boating, fishing boat, fishing boat maintenance, guide, maintenance, sailing

A Guide for Fishing Boat Maintenance

The Ahoy! Crew

What is every fisherman and woman’s goal on the water?   All the sunrises, sunsets, bait balls, riffles on the water, fish jumping, fins flashing, tail waving, heart-pumping excitement: all are extras.

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Ahoy! Preparing for a voyageGuides
boating, Boating in the US, guide, overnight, plan, preparation, sailing, voyage

Planning an Overnight Voyage – Part II

The Ahoy! Crew

you take care of your vessel, then she will take care of you and your crew, too. Before undertaking a long voyage, you should complete an inspection of your vessel, especially the motor. Sailors will also need to conduct an inspection of their rigging equipment. These two vessel components are key to reaching your destination safely, and any potential issues should be discovered before casting off the lines. 

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Ahoy Planning an overnight voyageGuides
boating, Boating in the US, guide, overnight, plan, preparation, sailing, voyage

Planning an Overnight Voyage – Part I

The Ahoy! Crew

Even if this is your first overnight voyage, it’s probably not your first time using your vessel--you should already have some idea of your boat’s fuel consumption. Calculate how far you expect to travel roundtrip and how much fuel you will need to complete the trip. This information will help you predict how many times and thus where along your route you need to refuel. However, best practice is to identify the location of all fuel docks along your route should the need arise. 

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Navigating AhoyGuides
boating, Boating in the US, guide, ICW, Intracoastal Waterway, sailing

Navigating the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

The Ahoy! Crew

There is something profound about traveling the river routes and coastal pathways of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). These local channels linked together provide a path for the seafarer to navigate their way through the country and perhaps even out to Mexico or the Caribbean. You can never plan too many days in advance because you need to constantly monitor the tides, currents, and weather while heeding Aids to Navigation (AToNs).

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Ahoy! Winterizing your boatGuides
anti freeze, batteries, boat storage, boating, electronics, Engine, fresh water system, guide, off season, propeller, trailer, winter, winterizing

A Guide for Winterizing your Boat for the Off-Season

The Ahoy! Crew

For boaters, especially in a La Niña year, as this one is threatening to be, winter weather and winter preparations often precede the true start to winter on December 21st. 

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Ahoy Pirates 2022Guides
boating, guide, piracy, pirates, sailing

Are pirates still a thing in 2022?

The Ahoy! Crew

Cruisers all over the world have pondered piracy at some point during their adventures, and for good reason--modern pirates are no joke. Gone are the days of large crews wielding swords and searching for gold. Today, sleek motor-powered skiffs enable pirates to move fast and attack ships by surprise. The smaller crews are typically organized and well-armed, and their artillery can include machine guns, grenades, and more.

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Superstitions, Bad luck at sea, Tall ShipGuides
boating, guide, sailing, superstitions

Want to Avoid Bad Luck in the Journey Ahead? Check Out These 13 Sailor Superstitions Before Your Next Voyage

The Ahoy! Crew

Dust the cobwebs inside your home or you’ll never make any money. Don’t allow a mop to sweep across your…

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Outerbanks BoatingGuides
boating, guide, North Carolina, Outerbanks, South Carolina

Boating the Outer Banks

The Ahoy! Crew

Imagine sailing the open ocean, catching world-class Gulf Stream fish, wandering along seaside beaches, and paddling among water birds in…

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