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Looking for Boat Insurance in Indiana?

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Indiana is a great state for recreational boating where you can unwind amidst the calm shores of Indiana's many lakes, have family fun on a reservoir, enjoy the serene beauty of Lake Michigan, or boat down the Ohio or Wabash Rivers.

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For all this boating, you will need insurance and Ahoy! simplifies your search for boat insurance quotes, leaving you more time out on the water!

With so many lakes and rivers, Indiana offers endless opportunities for boating adventures. However, just like any other vehicle, boats require insurance to protect you and your vessel from potential risks.

Is boat insurance Required in Indiana?

NO! in Indiana you are not required to have boat insurance. However, there are a couple of situations where you most probably still need it. For example, if you are taking out a loan to buy your boat, your lender will ask you to get insurance to protect your investment. Also, some marinas and certain spots on the water might ask for proof of liability insurance before they let you dock or set sail from their facilities.

Even though it is not a must-have by law, getting boat insurance is a pretty smart move. It can cover you for damage to your boat! So, for peace of mind, while enjoying those beautiful Indiana waters, it is worth considering boat insurance.

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Ahoy! Simplifies Boat Insurance in Indiana!

Ahoy is your one-stop shop for all things boat insurance in Indiana. We understand the unique needs of Hoosier boaters and offer customized policies to fit your specific coverage requirements. Our team of experts will assist you in finding the right coverage at an affordable price, so you can have peace of mind on the water.

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What types of Boat Insurance does Ahoy! Offer?

Ahoy! proudly provides boat insurance coverage for a wide range of boats. For boats with the following specifications we offer fully-digital policy quoting and binding process which eliminates the haggle and hustle of traditional insurance purchasing:

  • Maximum length of 50 feet (45 feet for boats aged 30-40 years)
  • Age limit of up to 40 years with a value cap of $500,000
  • For single or dual-engine boats, a maximum of 500HP per engine, and for triple-engine vessels, a total horsepower ceiling of 1050HP (with a maximum of three engines)

We also insure boats over between 50 to 95 feet and/or between $500,000 and $2,500,000.


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For starting a quote for these please contact us
by phone (1-855-289-2469),
chat www.ahoy.insure, or e-mail [email protected]

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We provide a comprehensive suite of boater-tailored coverage including:



The unexpected can sometimes happen and Ahoy! can make sure you are covered – perhaps an accident causing damage to another vessel, or worst case, someone getting injured. Liability protection steps in as your dependable partner. Boat insurance liability coverage is designed to manage the expenses for any damages or injuries you may be responsible for in a boating accident. While none of us anticipate such incidents, having liability coverage is a smart decision, ensuring your boating adventures in Indiana stay carefree and pleasing.


Comprehensive Protection and Collision Insurance:

For Indiana boat owners, comprehensive protection acts as your boat's safeguard against sudden incidents beyond your control. Whether it's fire, theft, or mischief, it's like having a trusted guard looking after you, particularly when your boat is securely stored and out of your sight. And if your boat collides with another vessel, a buoy, or a dock, collision insurance emerges as your faithful defender.


Coverage for Boaters without sufficient Insurance or without Insurance:

Picture a serene cruise on Indiana waters when out of the blue, your boat is hit by another. Surprisingly, their insurance is insufficient to cover the costs. That is when underinsured boater coverage comes to your rescue! It acts like a guardian angel, assisting with boat repairs and medical bills. This extra level of protection lets you concentrate fully on your sailing adventures in Indiana! Set sail confidently, knowing you're shielded on the expansive Indiana waters.



Comprehensive medical coverage within a boat insurance plan is vital, providing a financial safety net. Should an accident occur onboard in Indiana waters, this feature ensures protection for all, enabling worry-free enjoyment of your time on the water.


On-Water Towing:

We have teamed up with boat towing experts in Illinois who are ready to lend a helping hand when you find yourself in need of a tow back to the shore. Your safety on the water is our top priority, and we've got your back, ensuring you can always make it safely back to dry land!


Fishing Gear Protection:

Safeguard your favorite fishing equipment with us! We offer coverage up to $10,000 to fully compensate your fishing gear, ensuring you can keep pulling in those impressive catches trouble-free.

We offer Roadside Assistance, Reimbursement for Boat Rentals, and coverage for your personal belongings.

Boat insurance – in a phone App

To make the insurance process as easy as possible, we created the Ahoy! mobile app to save you time and improve your boating experience! The Ahoy! Mobile App is your trusty companion, not only for insurance but also for elevating your boating days into unforgettable experiences!

Let us talk about our ‘Phone Overboard Protection’ feature which can replace your phone if it falls in the water. When your Ahoy! App is active or running in the background, we are like your nautical detective, and we can confirm has fallen overboard. And there is more to discover: our ‘Weather Information and Alerts’ feature keeps you in the know about weather conditions and sends you early alerts. Plus, with our ‘Self Inspection’ tool, you can breeze through a self-check and earn a fantastic $100 discount on your deductible. It is all about ensuring your boating journey is as smooth, secure, and enjoyable as possible!

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Coverage for Sailboats in Indiana

Ahoy! also offers specialized coverage for sailboats in Indiana. Our policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of sailboat owners, providing comprehensive protection for your vessel and equipment. From liability coverage to reimbursement for lost or damaged sails, we have you covered.


Powerboat Insurance in Indiana

One great way to enjoy the over 400 lakes and reservoirs in Indiana is with a powerboat. With a powerboat you can cruise around and explore the coastlines, or teach the family to waterski! Ahoy! is here to help secure your powerboat technology-driven insurance from a convenient App! and can help you embark on your next journey worry-free.


Fishing Boat Protection in Indiana

Immerse yourself in trouble-free fishing adventures in Indiana with our specialized fishing boat insurance. Focus on selecting the perfect bait, and leave the insurance to us – it is all we do! Experience the thrill of fishing while we take care of your boat's safety!


Cabin Cruiser Insurance in Indiana

Ensure smooth sailing for your Indiana lake house boat with Ahoy! Whether you are discovering serene lakes solo or hosting friends on the deck, our insurance safeguards your precious boating experience. Set sail with peace of mind, knowing Ahoy! stands by you on every maritime journey.


Bass Boat Insurance in Indiana

Indiana is the ultimate destination for fishing enthusiasts, with its numerous lakes and rivers teeming with bass. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, protect your bass boat with our tailored coverage options. Enjoy your time on the water without worrying about unexpected setbacks. Choose Ahoy! as your trusted partner for all things boat insurance in Indiana!


Ahoy! Simplifies Boat Insurance

Ahoy aims to take the hassle out of boat insurance by offering comprehensive coverage and top-notch services for all types of boats in Indiana. We understand that owning a boat is not just about navigating the waters, but also about creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. That is why we strive to provide reliable and affordable insurance options so you can focus on making new adventures while we take care of the rest. Choose Ahoy! for your boat insurance needs in Indiana and sail with confidence!


Yacht Insurance in Indiana

Residents of the Hoosier state often have Yachts, either for lake Michigan, or for the many rivers and reservoirs. From damage repair to liability protection, Ahoy! understands the intricacies of yacht ownership. Set sail knowing that your investment is protected with Ahoy!'s yacht insurance, allowing you to focus on the horizon ahead with peace of mind.

Boat Insurance FAQ

Coverage Details in Boat Insurance Policies

What is included in my boat insurance policy?

Boat insurance typically covers damage from collisions, fires, theft, lightning, or vandalism, whether on water or land. This includes the boat, its motor, and attached equipment like anchors. It also offers liability coverage for expenses from accidents involving your boat. This can include bodily injury liability, covering medical bills and related costs if someone gets hurt because of your actions, and property damage liability, for damages to others’ boats or property.

Is Insurance Necessary for Less Expensive Boats?

Regardless of your boat’s value, insurance is crucial due to the potential risks involved in boating, like accidents leading to injuries or property damage. Boat insurance can save you from paying these costs from your OWN pocket.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Boats

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Boat?

Typically, homeowners insurance offers limited coverage for small boats, but not for personal watercraft like jet-skis. The coverage is often restricted to around $1,000 or 10% of your home’s insured value and usually doesn’t include liability coverage.

Off-Season Boat Insurance Coverage for Boats

Should I Insure My Boat During the Off-Season?

Even when not in use, risks like theft or fire persist throughout the year. Keeping your boat insurance active in the off-season protects against these risks, saving you from potential out-of-pocket expenses for damage or theft during these months.

Understanding Boat Insurance Costs

What are the factors that determine the cost of boat insurance?

Boat insurance costs hinge on several key factors, including the boat’s type, size, age, and value, which affect the potential cost of repairs or replacement. The owner’s experience and history of claims can influence rates, too, as insurers gauge the risk level based on past incidents.

Policy choices play a part as well; comprehensive coverage costs more than basic liability, but opting for a higher deductible can reduce the premium. Additionally, safety courses or other qualifications may unlock discounts, demonstrating to insurers a lower risk of accidents.

To learn more, visit Ahoy’s FAQ page

A Step by Step Guide to Boat Insurance in Indiana with Ahoy!

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Now that you are an Ahoy! crew mate, download our mobile app, easily scan photos of your boat for lower claim deductibles and help in case of theft.

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Sail away into the horizon. Feel fully at peace knowing that our technology-powered mobile app is looking out for you.

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We are there for you

If there is an incident, we have got your back. Our 24/7 First Mate is there for you every step of the way to help resolve any issues or if you need to file a claim.

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