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Boat Insurance

Why Do You Need Boat Insurance?

Your boat is an investment that means a lot to you, and knowing that your boat is protected so to be ready for a day trip on the water is an important aspect beyond knowing that you will be financially covered if something happens.

It is no less important to have the best boat insurance policy from a reliable boat insurance company, so that you are always safe in the most unexpected circumstances.

A good boat insurance policy not only covers the boat, but also helps protect you and your boat from adverse events such as accidents, collision, physical damage and theft, in addition to medical coverage and damage by third-parties, whether on the water or on land.

Boat insurance also covers the cost of salvaging a sunken boat, towing services and towing coverage and cleaning up any oil spills.

It is also important to remember that boat insurance is often required by your state, your marina and/or your boat finance company (if applicable).

Boat insurance is very different from home insurance, so it’s best to take out insurance with a company specializing in insuring boats.

Experts recommend not relying solely on your home insurance policy. In many cases, your homeowner policy may not even cover liability protection, and damage is typically covered only under $2,000. However, your umbrella policy is a great addition to your marine policy, as it extends liability protection at an affordable rate.

When it comes to choosing which boat insurance company, you should partner with experts who are also boaters.

That’s where Ahoy! insurance comes in.

Ahoy! tailors the right coverage specifically for your boating needs and can provide coverage for your specific requirements and lifestyle (for example, do you have expensive fishing equipment? or you like to bring friends on board?)

What Does Our Boat Insurance Cover?

Ahoy! provides a comprehensive suite of boat insurance coverage tailored specifically for your boating needs.

  • Vanishing deductible if you do self-inspection
  • Coverage for your cell phone if it falls overboard (Applicable to phones that have installed the Ahoy! Mobile App)
  • Stolen boat retrieval assistance
  • Collision coverage, including hitting another boat, boating accidents, such as hitting a submerged object, dock, or another boat
  • Comprehensive coverage, including theft, vandalism, fire, sunken boat, common risks, grounding and damage on the water from weather
  • Uninsured/Underinsured boaters coverage
  • Boating & ownership in the USA
  • Liability coverage, including third-party damages and injuries, dock, and fuel spill
  • Medical coverage for people on your boat
  • Fishing equipment
  • Personal effects – including your boat lift, mechanical or electrical, that you own and use exclusively to store an insured watercraft out of the water
  • On-water towing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Boat rental reimbursement
  • Boating & ownership in the USA
  • Wreckage removal

Ahoy! insurance covers the following boats:

  • Up to 94 feet long (45 feet for boats 30-40 years old)
  • Up to a $2.5M in value
  • Up to 40 years old
  • Up to 1050HP or 500HP engine up to triple outboards

Now, that’s a comprehensive boat insurance!

We do not insure boaters who have been:

  • Convicted of insurance fraud
  • Have a revoked or suspended boating or driver’s license
  • Have had major driving or boating violations within the last 60 months or 2+ at-fault accidents within the previous 36 months

Are You An Insurance Agent? Are You
A Boat Dealer?

At Ahoy!, we see you – insurance agents and boat dealers – as valued partners, and we work closely with you to bring exceptional value to your customers and yourself.

Unlike others, we work with and support our insurance agents and boat dealers, rather than circumvent them.

Find out more information about the benefits of working with us!

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Cutting Edge Technology is our Compass

Ahoy! insurance leverages innovative technology to help mitigate boating risks for maximum boating safety and a great experience on the water.
Our innovation includes digitally powered boat insurance that considers all of the “what-ifs”, including risk-reduction tools and assistance.

The Complete Ahoy! System:

  • The Ahoy! Mobile App
  • The Ahoy! Boat Recovery Assistance Tag
  • My Ahoy! – your online customer interface

The Complete Ahoy! System helps mitigate boat and boating risks, to ensure maximum boating safety and a great experience.

The Ahoy! Mobile App

The proprietary Ahoy! mobile app provides unique and important features for safe boating, money savings, and enhanced insurance coverage. For instance, our “Phone Overboard Protection” is leveraging the app location so to determine that the phone indeed fell overboard. Or, you can use the “Weather Information and Alerts” functionality to track weather as well as be warned ahead of time. Thirdly, using our mobile app you can conduct “Self Inspection” with a breeze, by that earning $100 discount on your deductible.

The Ahoy! Smart Kit

Ahoy! boat insurance customers receive a smart kit with a Boat Recovery Assistance Tag. When kept on the boat, the tag is passive and does not track the boat location. However, at time of need (theft) you can activate our service which “pings” the tag and helps locating the boat.

My Ahoy! - Your Online Customer Interface

Want to get a boat insurance policy today? Using our easy-to-use web portal provides a seamless online onboarding experience, with a streamlined application process to help you get your boat insurance quote, with minimal questions asked and no requirement for a survey nor underwriter review.

Once your purchased, you can get access to your policy idocument 24/7, as well as make changes to payment methods and mid-term adjustments as needed.

We are fast!

Get your boat insurance policy in under 10 minutes!

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