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Hurricane Aftermath - Personal Point of View

By Amanda McCormick - Ahoy! Customer Service
Published October 2, 2022

It was dark. The walls were rattling and I could hear the wind howling outside. The rain poured down outside as I tried to sleep in the hallway of my house - the most structurally safe place in my home. It was hard to keep the fear of a tornado spawning on our house away, or the thought of the large oak tree in my front yard falling on our entire house. It was terrifying. 

It was even more terrifying waking up the next day and walking outside to see downed power lines in front of our house, standing water where there’s normally grass, and trees down all around. The roads were impassable. There was not a chance of 911 getting to us in any sort of reasonable time. It’s just me and my family and the neighbors in my neighborhood. 

I will never forget the weeks that followed Hurricane Charlie. I will never forget the destruction caused, the weeks we went without water and power, and the endurance and perseverance of the community that pushed on to move forward and rebuild. Disasters happen, but humankind unites and overcomes them.

-Ahoy's Amanda McCormick during Hurricane Charley - 2004

Hurricanes can be a life-altering event. Amanda was fortunate enough to face little direct damage after the storm. It’s the weeks that follow, however, that can be just as dangerous. Hurricane Ian may be moving on and out of the way, but there is still much work to be done to clean up its aftermath. 

If you’ve experienced or have family members who experienced Hurricane Ian, we at Ahoy! Insurance hope everyone is safe and well. Ahoy! wants to enable you to remain as safe and secure as possible. If you need assistance, please see some resources in our guide: Hurricane Aftermath - Tips & Resources


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