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Navigating Marine Insurance: A Conversation with Ahoy!'s CEO

By The Ahoy! Crew
Published April 10, 2024

In the world of boat insurance, where innovation often sets sail into uncharted waters, Ahoy! emerges as a beacon of digital transformation within the realm of recreational boating coverage. 

In a dialogue between Amit Nisenbaum, at the helm of Ahoy!, and Gilad Shai from InsurTechTalk, we delve deep into the currents of Ahoy!'s journey, exploring its product offerings, unique approach to risk mitigation, and the spirited passion for the sea that fuels its mission. 

Join us as we navigate through the currents of entrepreneurship and innovation, discovering the inspiration behind Ahoy!'s inception, its strategic vision for the future, and the steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the marine insurance landscape.

Amit Nisenbaum, CEO of Ahoy! and Gilad Shai talk about Ahoy!'s product, niche products, crewmates, and the love of the sea. 

Amit Nisenbaum, the CEO of Ahoy!, shares his background and the inspiration behind starting an MGA focused on recreational boating insurance. 

Born in Jerusalem with no seashore, Nisenbaum joined the Israeli navy at 18 and spent six years becoming a naval officer and instructor. 

After leaving the navy, he pursued a computer science and industrial engineering degree at the Israeli Technion and worked in the high-tech engineering ranks. He then moved to the business side and earned an MBA at Cornell with a focus on entrepreneurship and private equity. 

Reconnecting with his navy friends, they decided to combine their passions for the sea and entrepreneurship, leading to the creation of Ahoy!, an MGA focused on digital insurance for recreational boating. 

Ahoy! is a new age monoline player in the market, focusing solely on digital insurance for recreational boating and offering technology for risk mitigation. They differentiate themselves by providing an insurance product and preventing claims rather than just processing them, aiming for a zero percent loss ratio. 

Now selling its insurance offering nationwide - from boat insurance in California to MaineAhoy! launched just two years ago in seven states and has high conversion rates and good returns on investment. Nisenbaum believes that successful insurtechs of the future will prioritize sustainable underwriting and focus on both top-line growth and the quality of their portfolio. 

Despite dealing with skepticism from investors regarding the market size and potential of a niche insurance product, Nisenbaum believes that focusing on specific niches in insurance presents more opportunities than challenges. 

Ahoy! aims to provide insurance solutions for boat buyers at the point of sale and has established relationships with boat manufacturers, dealers, and financing organizations to achieve this goal. The company's distribution strategy includes direct-to-consumer digital marketing and partnerships with independent insurance agents. Nisenbaum emphasizes the importance of cost-effective customer acquisition and marketing efforts to grow the business.


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