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Benefits for Boaters

Leveraging technology and our love of boating to provide you with a better experience on the water

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Receive extensive coverage at a great price from expert boaters who understand your needs, with a quick and easy online quote.

A Worry-Free Boating Experience

Enjoy our advanced tech providing you with safe navigation, anti grounding and boat retrieval assistance features for a great, and safe experience on the water.

Supporting You When Something Goes Wrong

We are there for you, online and by phone, so your claim process is quick and easy, supported by our team and mobile app.

A boat isn’t just another piece of property, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s where you create memories, where you escape to when you need a little serenity, or the place to run to for some excitement. We’re boaters, we get that.

Ahoy! is a new breed of insurance company designed by people who understand and care about boating as much as you do. Providing innovative recreational boating insurance that leverages proactive, risk-reducing, technology to keep the most exciting aspect of your life stress-free.

In most ways, I’m all about having fun in life, enjoying challenges and people. So it makes sense that boating is my natural element. But when it comes to important practicalities, like boating insurance, I’m very no-nonsense. I would only ever work with a company like Ahoy! that offers the absolute best coverage. Because if I can’t feel truly carefree, fun isn’t actually fun.

Nick Borba

Livermore, CA | 2014 Axis T22

I’ve always wanted boating insurance with specialized expertise in boats, like Ahoy!, not just an add-on to car or home insurance. Until now, there has been a real gap in information, coverage, and understanding of what boating really is for me - a kind of escape.

Karen Harris

Red Bank, NJ | 1998 J120

Everything is better on the water. It’s where we make memories that last forever. Ahoy! understands how important boating is to me and my family because they are boaters like me.. I can enjoy my boating time more fully, because I know my most precious toy is protected.

Justin Monge

San Francisco, CA | 2020 Malibu 23 LSV

Boating is a lifestyle, not a hobby. And my boat is just as important, if not more so, than my house, car, and other assets. So, it’s critical that my boat coverage is comprehensive and leaves me without worries – like Ahoy! does - allowing me to fully disconnect from the rigors of work and fully reconnect with myself.

Karen H.

Chicago, IL | 1978 O’Day 25

About Ahoy!

We are not a typical boating insurance company. Built for boaters by boaters, we have deep knowledge of both boating and insurance, which allows us to provide you an innovative policy tailored for the 21st century. It also enables us to protect you and your boat, and minimize the chances of an incident occurring. We even use technology and best practices to ensure that in your time of need, our “First Mate” concierge service is there, providing swift and non-intrusive assistance, and where required, claims processing support. So that you can be back on the water in no time.

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Sail away into the horizon. Feel fully at peace
knowing that we’re looking out for you, sending
alerts so you can avoid obstacles, and keeping an
eye on your boat even when it’s stored or docked.

Just in case

If there’s ever an incident, we’ve got your back. Our 24/7 "First Mate" concierge
is there for you proactively every step of the way to help and
resolve any issues – along with our easy, digital claims process
that will put you back out on the water as soon as possible.


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