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Amit Nisenbaum, boat insurance, boating, Innovation Challenge, Insuretech Hartford, Safe Boating, safety, sailing

Navigating Marine Insurance: A Conversation with Ahoy!’s CEO

The Ahoy! Crew

In the world of boat insurance, where innovation often sets sail into uncharted waters, Ahoy! emerges as a beacon of…

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Basic-Boating-Safety-Ahoy-header Ahoy!Blog
boat insurance, boating, guide, Safe Boating, safety, sailing

Basic Boating Safety

Maritime Injury Center

Boating is a popular recreational activity. From sailing to powerboating to a relaxing fishing trip, getting on a boat is…

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Safety EquipmentGuides
boat insurance, boating, guide, safety

Boat Safety Equipment and Best Practices

The Ahoy! Crew

Spending time on the water is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat.  To ensure everyone makes…

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Ahoy InsuranceGuides
4th of July, boating, drinking and boating, guide, safety, sober boating

Enjoying A Safe 4th of July On The Water

The Ahoy! Crew

This Independence Day, millions of people across the United States will take to the water to celebrate the founding of…

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Boat aground Ahoy! InsuranceGuides
boating, guide, safety

Complete Guide to Running Aground – How to Avoid It & What to Do If It Happens

The Ahoy! Crew

Juan and his family spent all morning crabbing and fishing in the brackish waters of Lake Pontchartrain. Now with his…

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Boat safety weekGuides
boating, guide, safety

Safety Tips to Avoid Common Fatal Marine Incidents

Captain Nitzan Levy

Summer is (almost) back! This month we celebrate getting outdoors to spend time with loved ones on the water, on…

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Propane safety on a boatGuides
boating, guide, safety

Safety Guidelines for Cooking and Heating on Your Boat

Evan Sideris AMMS, Director of Boat Underwriting & Product at Ahoy! Insurance

The galley is a bustling location inside your vessel, whether you’re just heating water for tea or fileting a freshly-caught…

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boating, guide, safety, sailing

What is a Float Plan and How Do I Create One?

The Ahoy! Crew

“Nobody goes looking for trouble on the water. But when you get into trouble, you’ll want someone looking for you,”…

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