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Team Ahoy! Proudly Took to the Waves for the Aegean 600

Published July 21, 2022

Taking advantage of Ahoy!'s advanced boating safety technology, the racing sailboat competed in the 600-mile regatta through the Aegean Sea

NEW YORK, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --  Ahoy!®, the digital insurance company for recreational boating, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Team Ahoy! in the Aegean 600 regatta. As the boats traversed the 600 nautical mile race across the Aegean Sea, Team Ahoy! used the advanced boating safety technology that is part of Ahoy!'s boat insurance offering.

Team Ahoy! sails past the Temple of Poseidon as it competes in the Aegean 600 race (Credit: Nikos Alevromytis)
Team Ahoy! sails past the Temple of Poseidon as it competes in the Aegean 600 race (Credit: Nikos Alevromytis)

The race began at the foot of the spectacular ancient Temple of Poseidon located nearby at Cape Sounio, Greece, and took sailors on a grand tour of the Aegean islands. A challenging course that required sailors to adapt to shifting wind angles and speeds, the race tested the mettle of those brave enough to undertake the same voyage that Greek sailors have faced for thousands of years.

"The Aegean 600 is an iconic race, and it would be fair to say that it is one that many sailors from across the globe dream of participating in," said Ofer Sela, Captain of Team Ahoy! and one of Ahoy!'s founders. "Ahoy!  is a partner for sailors and boaters, helping protect and insure their beloved vessels and providing them with peace of mind at all times, so we are proud to have worn the brand and used Ahoy!'s technology as we raced."

"We built our company to support and protect passionate boaters and sailors, and Ofer and his team are the embodiment of that," said Amit Nisenbaum, CEO and Founder of Ahoy!. "As a lifelong boater myself, I am glad that even though I personally couldn't take part in the regatta this year, Ofer and his team did so with the assistance of our technology and made all of us at Ahoy! proud to be his partner."

Built by boaters for boaters, upon purchase of an Ahoy! boat insurance policy customers receive an onboard smart boat kit, which works alongside a proprietary mobile app to offer advanced telemetry features that proactively help reduce risk and prevent damage or injury for boats and boaters. Founded in early 2021 Ahoy!'s policies are already available in select US states and are being rolled out nationally in the coming months.

About Ahoy!

Ahoy! is a tech-driven insurance MGA transforming the recreational boating insurance industry from a financial hedge into a proactive asset. Built by boaters for boaters, Ahoy! combines its proactive, risk-reducing technology, with its founders' deep knowledge of boating and insurance to create innovative insurance policies for the 21st century. Using on-board Internet of Things (IoT) technology, as well as AI and Big Data, Ahoy! offers a proprietary risk reduction solution to proactively prevent boating mishaps, therefore increasing the time boaters can enjoy their vessel. In times of need, Ahoy! ensures swift, modern, and non-intrusive assistance and claims processing support so that boaters can be back on the water in no time. Co-founded in 2021 by a team of naval veterans, insurance experts, and experienced high-tech executives, Amit Nisenbaum, Kaenan Hertz, Shachar Segev, and Arie Ambramovici. Ahoy! an insurance agency licensed to sell property-casualty insurance products has offices in New York and Israel. For more information, visit:

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