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To maximize your Ahoy! experience, there are two super-simple steps to take.


Download our mobile app to benefit from a range of
features that will make your boating experience pleasurable and safe.

With our self-inspection feature, you can upload current photos of your boat for lower deductibles, faster reporting, and claims processing.

Using our mobile app, you receive coverage for overboard cell phone loss.

Our mobile app also brings you a patented safe navigation feature, alerting you to potentially imminent hazards, so you can spend more time on the water worry-free.


Place the Boat recovery assistance tag in your boat.
In the package you received from us, you can find our Boat recovery assistance tag. Place the tag in your boat, preferably in a compartment or drawer, away from water.

The Boat recovery assistance tag will assist us in tracking your boat in the unfortunate event of theft or drift off.

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