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Ahoy BoatingGuides
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A Guide for the Off-Season Boater

The Ahoy! Crew

Fortunately, you can fill that hole with a variety of activities that will turn the dreariness of the off-season into productivity and ultimately more adventure once you’re back on the water. Read ahead for nine activities to battle those no-boating blues. 

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Ahoy! Winterizing your boatGuides
Anti Freeze, batteries, boat storage, boating, electronics, Engine, fresh water system, guide, off season, propeller, trailer, winter, winterizing

A Guide for Winterizing your Boat for the Off-Season

The Ahoy! Crew

For boaters, especially in a La Niña year, as this one is threatening to be, winter weather and winter preparations often precede the true start to winter on December 21st. 

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