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Ahoy! general

Why the name Ahoy!?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWhen we first started the company, we searched for a name that would clearly reflect our connection to and love for the sea and boating. We also wanted the name to be easily recognizable and to convey a sense of optimism and joy. Once we landed on Ahoy!, the choice was clear!u003c/spanu003e

Who is behind Ahoy!?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAhoy! is the brainchild of a group of naval officer veterans, insurance executives, and technology entrepreneurs who came together to bring recreational boating insurance into the 21st century. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eOn the one hand, we have personally experienced the pains associated with boat insurance these days and its antiquated policies. On the other hand, we have observed the great innovation being brought to other parts of the insurance world. As entrepreneurs, we identified an opportunity to make recreational boating insurance much more modern and user-friendly. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe decided to bring better insurance to benefit us, our friends, colleagues, and the entire boating community.u003c/spanu003e

“By boaters for boaters.” What does that mean?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eInsurance is about being able to best identify risk, mitigate, and cover it. Providing good insurance – the best coverage, the most attractive prices, and the ability to truly be there for boaters in their time of need (including at the time of claims) – requires intimate domain knowledge.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAs a group of naval officer veterans, insurance executives, and technology entrepreneurs, we are uniquely positioned with this subject matter expertise to build the best recreational boating insurance program out there. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eBut it goes beyond that. Being boaters ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to rely on trusted parties to continuously minimize risks and maximize time on the water. And since we know intimately what boating means to you, and what your needs are, we also understand how to bring you much more value along the way – even before an adverse event happens. We are the insurance company you want to be in touch with during the good times, too – not just the one you have to be in touch with in case of an emergency.u003c/spanu003e

What’s behind the statement, “We don’t insure boats – we assure boaters”?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAs boaters ourselves, we know what a meaningful experience it is, to be out on your boat. We understand that a boat is much more than a piece of property. It represents quality time with friends and family, peaceful time for yourself to disconnect from the daily hustle, a sporting outlet, and much more. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAnd so, we aspire to provide you with much more than just financial coverage of the boat in case of an incident. We aim to ensure that you won’t get to that point in the first place and you will be able to enjoy this pleasure worry-free. We want you to get the maximum use of your investment in your boat. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe meet these goals through a set of value-added experiences and features. Some are related to minimizing risk of adverse events happening, some are related to making better use of your time, and much more.u003c/spanu003e

Ahoy! is a new insurer. How can I be certain you will always be there for me?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eOur boat insurance policies are owned and covered by large insurance partners and reinsurers. Ahoy! is here for the long haul. But in the unlikely event that we’re not around and your boat still is, rest assured that your boat insurance policy and all your belongings will be in the hands of our trusted partners with the same level of care and coverage that we promised.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAlso, the Ahoy! insurance product is an “admitted insurance product.” That means that it is regulated by your state regulator and guaranteed by the state, much like your bank deposits are guaranteed by the FDIC.u003c/spanu003e

What is your financial/insurance rating?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAhoy! works exclusively with top-rated boat insurance partners who hold the risk on our policies, and are all rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, and other recognized insurance rating authorities.u003c/spanu003e

Seems like you have a mascot, that pelican character. What does it stand for?

Indeed, Pelican Pete is our mascot.  Pelican Pete is named after Saint Peter, the patron of sailors, fishermen, and boat builders.

Insurance product

In which states can I get Ahoy! insurance?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eRight now, we are available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Colombia, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming u003c/spanu003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eand we are expanding aggressively to be able to provide the best boating insurance in other states very soon. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eMeanwhile, please go to our homepage where you can click the “Get a quote” button which will lead you through the process of getting a quote if you are seeking insurance in these states. Or if you are seeking insurance in other states you will be able to receive an indicative price and secure your place in line so we can inform you as soon as we launch in your state.u003c/spanu003e

What type of boats will you insure?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe cover speed/motor boats, fishing boats, sailboats, PWCs and much more. Right now, we cover boats up to 50 feet (45 feet for boats 30-40 years old), 40 years in age, up to 1050HP and $500K in value with some accommodation for larger boats. Our intention is to be able to cover boats of all sizes and values soon.u003c/spanu003e

What types of coverage do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive suite of boater-tailored coverage – Liability, Comprehensive and Collision, Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters, Medical, On-Water Towing, Fishing Equipment, Roadside Assistance, Boat Rental Reimbursement, Personal Effects, and we even u003cstrongu003ecover your cell phoneu003c/strongu003e if it falls overboard!

How do you calculate my premium?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003ePremium calculation includes several factors that influence what each customer pays, such as geography, loss experience, financial responsibility, property loss exposures, and the characteristics of each boat which include size, value, speed, and other parameters. While factors related to the boat itself cannot be easily changed, there are rating factors that are more easily influenced by customer selections, including but not limited to:u003c/spanu003ernu003culu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eCoverage limitsu003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eEndorsements/optional coveragesu003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eDeductible optionsu003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

Do you provide discounts? Which ones?

Ahoy! is the first and only boat insurance geared to you, the boater. Our insurance program was designed with a set of value-added features to continuously protect you – such as a mobile application that can help you to avoid grounding your boat, and a smart device that will help letting you know where the boat is. We provide you with technology that helps you avoid all kinds of risks, and because of that, we will also provide you with affordable prices.rnrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAdditionally, we provide discounts such as:rnu003c/spanu003ernu003culu003ern tu003cli aria-level=u00221u0022u003eA vanishing deductible when you upload photos of your boat; and an additional amount if you are claims-freeu003c/liu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eA 5% discount if you pay your policy in full (i.e. annually)u003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

What are Boat Policy Deductibles? How do they work?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eA deductible is the amount of money you must pay out of your own pocket before your boat insurance policy kicks in. Typically, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eOur streamlined online process will suggest to you a few insurance packages which will differ in their deductible so you can make an informed decision. You will also be able to customize a package to your specific needs, including the deductible level. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eOur insurance representatives who could be reached at 855-BUY-AHOY (1-855-289-2469) can help you create a policy that balances your individual needs with a premium and deductible you can afford.u003c/spanu003e

Is boat insurance required?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eBoat insurance may be required for a variety of reasons. Some states require that you have boat insurance. Marinas may require you to have boat insurance in order to dock your boat there. Additionally, if you take out a loan to buy a boat, the lender will most likely require that you purchase boater’s insurance.u003c/spanu003e

Aside from boating insurance, can I buy other types of insurance such as home or car insurance from Ahoy!?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe aspire to provide the best recreational boating insurance product and service possible. As such, u003c/spanu003eu003cbu003ewe insure boats and just boatsu003c/bu003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003e. We are relentless in this focus as we believe that focus drives quality, and quality drives value to the boater.  u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eHaving said that, aiming to provide our customers not only the best but also the most holistic value, in the future we aim to create a set of partnerships with well curated insurance partners so we will be able to connect you to the best of home, car, and other types of insurance. At that time our insurance agents will work with you to make sure they understand your holistic needs and provide you with appropriate coverages.u003c/spanu003e

Technology and data

You say that Ahoy! Insurance is technology-driven. What do you mean by that?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eHere are just a few examples of how we use technology to provide you with better value at a better price:  u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eTo facilitate a great user experience, for instance to enable a fast quoting process, we leverage the use of external data sources and data fusion technology to pre-fill data fields, minimize the number of data entries, and much more.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eTo be able to provide great insurance coverage (such as cell phone overboard protection), we leverage our proprietary mobile app so we can automatically identify boating times.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eTo reduce the risk of bad things happening (such as hitting ground), we embed proprietary algorithms into our mobile app so you can be alerted about upcoming hazards in a timely manner.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eThese are just a few examples of how we use technology to provide you with better value at a better price. u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAnd much more to come…u003c/spanu003e

Do you collect data about me? How do you use it?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAt the time of quote, we leverage data about you and your boat(s) in order to provide you with an accurate insurance quote and if you become a customer, to continue to service your account.  u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAnd to help you stay safe while on the water, we leverage location data in order to identify risks around you.u003c/spanu003e

As related to the Ahoy! Mobile app, why am I asked to provide full location permissions even when I’m not boating?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eThese permissions are required for us to detect if you’re boating, and to automatically activate your phone overboard protection once you are. Our system is designed so that we don’t hold on to your specific location while on land – it’s just roughly monitored so we can know when you’re on the water, which means it also doesn’t use much battery power. u003c/spanu003e

What is the self-inspection technology used for?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe use this technology to ensure that we thoroughly know your boat. Also, in the event that your boat is stolen, we can quickly provide you with a report to share with the police.  We are also developing technology that when implemented will provide you with planned maintenance recommendations based on what we see in the photos (for example, that you might need to clean/repair/replace your battery cables).u003c/spanu003e

How will your “phone overboard protection” work?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eIf you will have our mobile application open and running while you are boating, and your phone falls overboard into the water, we will provide you with up to $600 to replace the phone, subject to a $50 deductible.u003c/spanu003e

How does your stolen boat retrieval assistance technology work?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eIt has two parts:u003c/spanu003ernu003colu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eWhen you will become a customer, you will receive a welcome kit which will include a tracking tag. The tag does not require installation or connection to a power source – just stash it in a safe place on your boat. The tag won’t track you on an ongoing basis, but in case of an incident or theft, it can be queried to help zoom in on the location of your boat.u003c/liu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eAlso, once you are a customer, you can download our mobile app which includes a boat self-inspection feature that guides you through taking pictures of your boat. These pictures are stored away, and in case your boat is stolen, these pictures will be packaged and sent to authorities to help with the boat’s identification once it is located.u003c/liu003ernu003c/olu003e

Is there more technology to come?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eYes! Being rooted in technology and being led by experienced boaters and insurance executives, Ahoy! will continue to innovate and provide our customers with more and more value. Keep an eye out for technology that will provide contextual alerts and recommendations to help make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable. Also, look for technology that leverages data from the boat to provide preventative maintenance recommendations and avoid equipment malfunctions while optimizing maintenance costs.u003c/spanu003e

Getting and managing a policy

How long will it take to get insurance from Ahoy!?

Ahoy! has made applying for boat insurance easier than ever. Visit our homepage and enter your boat details (we even help you do so by pre-filling many of the fields). In just a few minutes, you’ll have a quote. Our licensed sales team is also only a phone call away, and we’re always happy to walk you through the process.

Do you sell only online or can I get your insurance somewhere else?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe primarily sell online or through our internal licensed agents. However, we are big believers in the power of the ecosystem and are collaborating with independent agents as well. Hence, you might be able to find our offering through an agent. If not, and you already have an agent you would like to work through, please let us know by calling 855-BUY-AHOY (1-855-289-2469). We will collaborate with them so that they are also licensed to sell our boater-first insurance.u003c/spanu003e

How can you generate a quote so quickly?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAhoy! uses technology and data from multiple sources to automatically answer questions about your boat, so you don’t have to. Our models use this information to quickly and dynamically generate a quote for you based on the coverage you desire.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe also make great efforts to minimize the number of questions we ask (you would be surprised by how many obsolete questions traditional insurance companies ask) and apply the best User Experience minds to the task of designing it all (more clicks, less typing) so to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.u003c/spanu003e

Can I switch to Ahoy! if I already have insurance? How can I do so?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eIn general, you can switch your boat insurance provider at any time during your policy contract. Often, insurers will issue a refund for the unused portion of the contract if you’ve canceled before your renewal date. But we know that switching insurers can bring up visions of daunting paperwork. We’ll help you fill out the paperwork to cancel your policy and secure your potential refund with only a few clicks and calls. Simply call us at 855-BUY-AHOY (1-855-289-2469) to discuss how we can help you switch to a better boat insurance.u003c/spanu003e


What are the payment methods you accept?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAhoy! provides convenient options to fit your lifestyle. You can pay for your boat insurance coverage via:u003c/spanu003ernu003culu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eBank account (ACH)u003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eCredit cardu003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eIf you decide to pay via your bank account or credit card, you also have the option of paying your premium:u003c/spanu003ernu003culu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eMonthly u003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cli style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022 aria-level=u00221u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eAnnually and receive a 5% discount!u003c/spanu003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

Will you use my credit history? Will my credit score be affected by applying for a policy?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eIn some cases we might check your credit history. Your credit score isn’t impacted when Ahoy! checks it once you’ve applied for coverage. This is considered a u0022softu0022 inquiry, and soft inquiries don’t affect your credit score.u003c/spanu003e

Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eIf you have any questions about your bill, feel free tou003c/spanu003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003e contact usu003c/spanu003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003e at [email protected] or our First Mate support team which is available by phone at 855-611-AHOY (855-611-2469) by text, or through chat on the website and our appu003c/spanu003eu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003e.u003c/spanu003e

What if I would like to cancel my policy?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eCanceling is as easy as getting a policy with Ahoy! Please call our First Mate support team which is available by phone at 855-611-AHOY (855-611-2469) and we will work with you to quickly cancel your policy.u003c/spanu003e

How can I make changes to my coverage?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eYou can call our First Mate support team at 855-611-AHOY (855-611-2469)  to make the changes for you. Please remember that any changes you make could impact your rate (either making it lower or higher).u003c/spanu003e

How do renewals work?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eRenewals are automatic. 30 days before your policy renews, we’ll send you an email with your policy documents and how much the policy will cost. If you don’t want to make any changes or it all looks good to you, the policy will be automatically renewed. Of course, you are also able to cancel the auto renewal if you like.u003c/spanu003e


How do you manage claims at Ahoy!?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eWe have industry-leading claims handlers who are boat specialists. This means they understand all the nuances about you and your boat, and they speak your language. They are available 24/7 at 855-611-AHOY (855-611-2469), through the MyAhoy! Portal which you can access by clicking the MyAhoy! Link on the top right corner of any page of our website, or via the Ahoy! mobile application.u003c/spanu003e

What happens if I need to file a claim?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eFirst make sure you and your boat are safe.  That’s the number one priority. Then, please call us at 855-611-AHOY (855-611-2469)  or contact us through the MyAhoy! Portal which you can access by clicking the MyAhoy! Link on the top right corner of any page of our website, or via the Ahoy mobile application, and we will walk you through all the steps.u003c/spanu003e

Will I always need a surveyor to check my boat to get the claim processed?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eEvery claim is unique, and we work with you to determine what the needs are. We have developed remote video capabilities (think of a super-charged Facetime call) where, if needed, our adjuster can assess the situation remotely.u003c/spanu003ernrnu003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eBut, in some situations where an adjuster is required they might need to come and visit your boat (and you) in person. We are trying to minimize such cases using technology and a flexible approach.u003c/spanu003e

How quickly could I expect my claim to be processed?

u003cspan style=u0022font-weight: 400;u0022u003eThis all depends on the complexity of the claim.  Just as we developed technology to speed up your application, we have invested in similar technology to service and pay claims. If we have your bank account information on file, we will make any applicable claim payments by direct deposit, which speeds up the process even more.u003c/spanu003e

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